"Success in developing knowledge and skill in academic literacy allowed students to see for themselves how they were progressing and growing which motivated them to work harder in school."

— Melinda Person

Literacy Development Workshops

Each literacy development workshop is designed to equip teachers with practical knowledge, skills, and tools to guide students in reaching significantly improved literacy practice outcomes. Attendees participate in hands-on, knowledge-acquiring, and skill-building learning experiences to improve literacy practices and produce course-specific models to guide literacy-development work with students.

Each workshop has a unique curricular framework made up of clear, specific and targeted learning objectives that cluster to form stages of learning. Each stage of learning is marked by end-stage outcome criteria general enough to apply across grades and content areas, yet specific enough to guide individualized and course-specific teaching and learning efforts. The learning objectives and sets of staged outcome criteria are sequenced developmentally so what is learned and achieved at one step and stage informs to what is to be learned and achieved in the steps and stages that follow.

While each workshop stands alone as a separate instructional unit and may be learned in isolation, combined and learned in sequence these workshops form a comprehensive institute for the development of academic literacy.

Each workshop includes implementation planning.

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