"[Students] were able to transfer all the skills they’re learning... to social studies, to science, to all their other classes."

— Cynthia Henning


Research and Synthesis: Combining Academic Reading and Writing Processes

Research and Synthesis provides a structured learning path to define, focus, and make manageable the complex tasks involved in planning, executing, and presenting academic projects of synthesized information. Participants learn how to lead students to create and narrow research topic goals, access and utilize databases to gather information essential to specified research project goals, and apply academic reading practices to understand and store relevant information. They are equipped to lead students through the steps and stages of An Academic Writing Process to revise, clarify, and present a thesis and synthesize, organize, and develop information necessary to convey complex understanding in structured, coherent, and course-appropriate methods of delivery.

An Academic Writing Process and An Academic Reading Process: Reading for Understanding are prerequisites for this session.

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