"This academic literacy development curriculum is powerful for students and teachers."

— Cynthia Henning


Building an Academic Language Foundation

Understanding foundational elements of academic English is essential to developing skilled reading and writing practices. Students and teachers whose primary language practices are most similar to academic English develop inherent knowledge of these text-based elements while those whose language practices are less similar to academic English do not, including many people whose primary language is English.

Building an Academic Language Foundation delivers knowledge of text-based elements of written academic language (words, sentences, punctuation and grammar) and develops skill in applying that knowledge to literacy practices. Participants learn to teach students to use word parts to decipher and make sense of word meaning and understand the roles words play in phrases, clauses and sentences, and understand how words, phrases and clauses work together and are punctuated to convey complete thoughts in academic writing. Participants are provided with methods and tools to identify, track, and address each student’s foundational language needs.

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